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Oil on Copper

O Bearded One - 14.5 x 19.5.jpg

O Bearded One

Early Spring - 5x6.jpg

Early Spring

My Tree My Tree Cardinal 6x9.jpg

My Tree, My Tree!

In the Still of the Sunset - Great Egret

In the Still of the Sunset

UNTITLED _ Hooded Merganser - male.jpg

Hooded Merganser (Male)

Golden Cirque du Soleil__18x24__oil on copper_edited.jpg

Golden Cirque du Soleil

VENETIAN FRAME - Chipping Sparrow.jpg

Chipping Sparrow

Acceleration - Greater Shearwater, Oil o


Laird of the Manor__oil-on-copper_18x24.

Laird of the Manor

Tufted Titmouse 4x4.jpg

Tufted Titmouse

Caught in a Golden Glow - Mallard Pair -

Caught in a Golden Glow

Golden Summer Glow - 6x9.jpg

Golden Summer Glow

Bald-Eagles__16x20__oil on copper_edited.jpg

Bald Eagles

VENETIAN FRAME - Cardinal (female).jpg

Cardinal (Female)

An Apple a Day - Red Squirrel, oil on co

An Apple a Day

Hush What's That - Golden Mantled Squirr

Hush. What's That?

Along the Edges - Black Necked Stilt - 6

Along the Edges

UNTITLED _ Hooded Merganser - female.jpg

Hooded Merganser (Female)

Who's Looking at Whom__9x12__oil on copper_edited.jpg

Who's Looking at Whom?

Yellow-headed Cara Cara__11x14__oil on copper_edited.jpg

Yellow-Headed Caracara

VENETIAN FRAME - Cedar Waxwing.jpg

Cedar Waxwing

VENETIAN FRAME - Chickadee.jpg


Oil on Canvas

Whisper Mode - Great Horned Owl, oil on linen.jpg

Whisper Mode

(Great Horned Owl)

The Pelican Dance - White Pelicans, oil on linen.jpg

The Pelican Dance

(White Pelicans)

Ink on Paper


Northern Cardinal




Yellow-Rumped Warbler


Carolina Wren


Downy Woodpecker


Black-Capped Chickadee


Tufted Titmouse

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