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The Commission Process

  • Portraits of loved ones (e.g. children, teens, adults, families, bride/groom)

  • Portraits of business leaders (e.g. CEO's, government officials, clergy, military officials)

  • Portraits of places (e.g. landscape, your family home, a special beach that holds memories of childhood)

  • Still Life scenes (e.g. depicting objects that hold personal significance to you)

What does the commission process look like?


The standard commission process for a portrait will consist of the following 4 stages: 

Stage 1 - Initial Consult


The client will meet with the artist (or consult via phone) to discuss ideas and goals for the project. A plan is developed for the location, schedule of sittings, size of painting, themes, personality, and timeline for the project.


Stage 2 - Composition & Design


The client and artist will meet for the first sitting. Reference photos will be taken, or in some cases the artist may be able to use existing photos of the subject. The artist will use the best expressions and poses from several photos as required to create the best composition and likeness. If the portrait is to be painted from life, the artist and client will schedule a series of sittings. Once the design is finalized, it will be sent to the client for approval or revision before production of the final painting begins. 


Stage 3 - Completion of the Painting


The artist will continue to develop the painting through a series of sittings or from photographic reference. Near completion, the client will meet with the artist to check the likeness and discuss any minor changes needed. This can be done with digital images of the portrait sent by email, if necessary.


Stage 4 - Delivery


The finished painting is submitted to the client for final approval. The goal of the final painting is to faithfully adhere to the plan of the original design and to capture the personality and character of the subject. Upon completion of the portrait the client may pick it up or have it shipped to them at an additional cost.

Optional Post-painting Services:

Framing The artist is happy to assist in the selection of the best frame for each completed work.

Unveiling  Please notify the artist in advance if you would like her to appear at a public ceremony for the unveiling of the portrait.

For any additional questions about the process, you may contact the artist directly, via the Contact page.

Patricia is passionate about creating fine works of art that capture the unique life and character of each subject. Each original work is crafted using the highest-quality materials, using advanced techniques and expert craftsmanship to ensure a finished product that is sure to be admired and cherished for generations to come. Patricia enjoys working with clients and building lasting relationships. Throughout the commission process, she provides expert guidance and attention, carefully considering the client's preferences and addressing any questions or concerns.


What kinds of artwork can I commission?

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