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Recent Work

Just Added to Gallery: 


Patricia's most recent work includes two new portraits in oil on linen, one featuring a great horned owl and the other featuring a pod of pelicans. Also new to the online gallery is a collection of small bird portraits in brown ink & wash on paper (matted on ivory matte, each ready for an 11x14 frame). Inspired by the brown ink pen & wash drawings of the Baroque period, Patricia was able to create her own natural brown ink by simmering black walnut hulls. Working on gray and tan toned papers, she then uses her hand-made walnut ink and white gouache for highlights to create these special drawings that serve as an homage to the Dutch Baroque tradition.


All of these recent works are available for purchase. (Please contact the artist directly.)

Whisper Mode - Great Horned Owl, oil on linen.jpg
The Pelican Dance - White Pelicans, oil on linen.jpg
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